Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Corporatism is escalating to Fascism.

Capitalism, as we know it, has one fundamental thing in common with fascism, -the marriage of state and industry. 

- When You ad lobbyism to capitalism - You encourage corruption. Adding lobbyism/- corruption to government means less choice and opportunity for new business and for the common man, - centralization means less freedom and consensus.

- It escalates to corporatism or totalitarianism as interests groups not only buy politicians, but whole political parties.

-  Centralization - what we also see happening in democracies - have resulted in fascism in many European countries.

Fascism means socialism for the rich and few.

Money changing hands in politics only serve the 'fortunate' special interest groups and the scams and mistakes affect people in all layers of society.

-The investment business for fossil fuels brings harm, - oil-spills, fracking, - and farmers and soldiers are  being killed in Afghanistan, - despite the fact that f.ex. Cannabis could provide us with fuel, food, fiber and medicine.

- And then first year into the western worlds control of Afghanistan, the amount of heroine on the streets imported from Afghanistan rose from 10% to an incredible 60%. !!? -And now statistics show 90% of all heroine on the streets in the U.S. of A. and Europe coming from Afghanistan.
I'll take a wild shot at the fact that it is not 'terrorists' importing such amounts.

- The CIA plane crashing with tonnes of cocaine tells us a bit more.

We live in a time where Big Business is trying to steal nature itself from humanity.

- Bio-Techs release genetically modified organisms into nature fully aware of the many studies proving them unhealthy and compromising and by that they have our perhaps best and only natural anti-cancer remedy - Cannabis - at risk of cross-pollination from Genetically Modified Cannabis strains.
- The scientific evidence against Genetically Modified Organisms proves it to be a perverted investment plan.
- We see Big Pharma promoting many cancer causing chemical drugs.- Many of their 'cures' for cancer and other illnesses causes death and other illnesses!

 -The US government,- Big Pharm and Oil sponsored parties, and pt. Monsanto inspired,- have known for decades that quite a few natural resources cures cancer, and the FDA has banned them,- and still - the US government f.ex. patented Cannabis for medical properties,- twice.
- And we know now from extensive research that Cannabis cures much more than cancer.
- It was William Randolph Hearst's fear of competition in the paper market in the early 1900's that had Cannabis prohibited, paving the way for US lobby politics and the lumber-,cotton-, pharma-, oil- and prison-industry etc., etc..- not forgetting nuclear power and contamination.

-Throw in the mix Aspartame, unnecessary vaccinations,  flouride etc., and what can be the result of the marriage between state and industry?
Paradise, or a zombie-state of mind-bend scare-crows?

- Or is it just like Mussolini said: Fascism.


- What the future holds is up to us.

Why do we let the rampant greed of the few corrupt the treasures the world offers for us all?

We are destroying and polluting and accepting mindless extinction of cures for deceases by the destruction of rain-forests and other natural reserves.

- Corporate interests are not interested in Your sustainability, it doesn't provide them with an income. 

Some people ignore that bio-diversity is the reason for evolution.

Sometimes it is good to be a member of a team or community, but when the reward is poisoned food, water and air,- I fail to see the purpose.

- And some upcoming still dream of a future in the 'elites' kind of future.- Well, wake up! The app. 200,000 (ref. Bill Gates - Geo-engineering and vaccine entrepreneur) tickets for that ride are already reserved!! You think ??

Misguiding the masses might work for lemmings,- the problem for us is not that we don't know how to swim,- we just can't seem to find a common ground.

And I ad a note on the current political climate: - If someone is making a living from investment or interest - why the tax reductions for that area of income when it is the investment itself that creates the need for infrastructure - including a labour force?